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  1. Barbara Kistner sagt:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Steffmann,
    Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich der Benutzung Ihrer Schriften. Sie geben an, dass sie zum privaten Gebrauch frei sind – nun interessiere ich mich für eine kommerzielle Nutzung. Was würde mich der Einsatz einer oder mehrerer Fonts kosten? Für eine Information wäre ich sehr dankbar!

    Beste Grüße
    Barbara Kistner

  2. RAQUELLE sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steff man,

    Greetings from Alaska! I am soon to open a small gourmet food store and have searched hundreds of fonts and fell in love with the simplicity and boldness of „Verve“ I found online. I know you say for personal use only but I was hoping you would give me permission to utilize this font as a storefront sign.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.



  3. Ian Conchie sagt:

    Hi Steff mann,

    I saw your fonts published on http://www.dafont.com but I understand it’s only free for private use. I am from the UK and I want to start my own clothing company. I love your „Old London“ font and I was hoping I could use it for commercial use on my clothing. Is there any way around this? I’ll be happy to buy the front you, if you give me permission to use your font on my clothing. I would be grateful for a reply back.

    Ian Conchie

  4. Good night, Steffmann!
    I’m from Brazil! Nice to virtualy meet you, VERY talented font artist.
    I wonder about the rights of commercial use of a font of yours.

    http://www.fontabala.com.br/ will be my new site, I’m not using it yet, and want to know how much for the $commercial$ use of the PRISMA font.

    I’ll try my best in the fotography world and videomaking, so I want to do it right and not the Brazilian way.
    Thanks in advance.


    Gute Nacht, Steffmann!
    Ich komme aus Brasilien! Nice to virtualy begegnen, der sehr talentierten Schrift Künstler.
    Ich frage mich, über die Rechte der kommerzielle Verwendung einer Schrift von Ihnen.

    http://www.fontabala.com.br/ wird meine neue Website zu sein, ich bin noch nicht in Gebrauch ist, und wollen wissen, wie viel für die kommerzielle $ $ Nutzung der PRISMA Schriftart.

    Ich werde mein Bestes in der Welt und fotography videomaking versuchen, so will ich es richtig und nicht die brasilianische Art.
    Vielen Dank im Voraus.

  5. Luke Jarman sagt:

    Herr Steffmann,

    I would like to use your font Honey Script in an App I’m developing. Can you please give me permission to use it please. Regards, Luke

  6. Hi there and greetings from the Island of Tasmania, south of Australia!

    I’m a massive fan of your work and would like to ask permission to use Quentin Caps, Trocadero and Romantiques for commercial purposes. Of course, it won’t be all of them however one will be the final result if you would be nice enough to permit it. I’m just not sure which is my favourite at this point!

    Regardless, if you could get back to me as soon as you have time it would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  7. Ismael Gil sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steff man
    I’m writing you to know if there is a way to buy a font for commercial purposses, I love your font Middle Saxony Tex and I used the font for a personal, private poster, but I would love to sell prints of the poster online. There is a way to pay for commercial purposses or this isn’t allowed in any way?.

    Ismael Gil

  8. Hello, Mr. Steffmann

    I live in Italy but I am a 33-year-old Brazilian guy that always had a crush on calligraphy. I am writing this just to know why is so difficult to submit fonts through professional computer programs with limited period time, such as FontLab, Fontographer or Scanahand, just to mention some. Is there any free program without time limits? I am a lover of Blackletter fonts. Your typefaces are so wonderful, except for Courtrai (what a pity!), that I did not see the diacritics on the capital letters, so I would like to have some tips about it because I want to avoid legal problems. For instance, if I add a diiferent name for the font Courtrai, as an example (adding accents to letters), should I rename them due to this addition? Will I be penalized legally if I save it with the same name?

    Also, I added you to my Facebook, as well as 1001fonts creator, Maximilian Bloch, and on Google+ he addressed me to your site. How do I add you guys to my Facebook page? I never received a reply. Your fontwork is so amazing that I would like to learn how to make wonderful personal and to share to anyone works without any problems. I do not care at all about money on these subjects and as you, I find horrible to leave fonts on the Net, as many people do with a financial purpose, even professionals.

    A last thing: I am having problems with the display of the Font displays, especially Blackletter category on http://www.1001 fonts.com. I added some favorite fonts, also. A grey bar also appears with all the Ads all over each other. When I click on the Character Map tab, all the background disappears of the page and its buttons remain inactive. What could it be? A computer low memory? Help me please.

    Best regards.
    Iranardo da Silva

  9. Claudia F. sagt:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Steffmann,

    auf diesem Wege möchte ich mich bei Ihnen für die Großzügigkeit bedanken,
    Ihre Schriften kostenlos zur Verfügung zu stellen und wünsche Ihnen ein
    Frohes Neues Jahr!
    Schöne Grüße, Claudia F.

  10. sean sagt:

    Dear Mr Steffmann,
    I want to use your font for a commercial use. How much is the license?

    Best regards.

  11. Iris sagt:

    Dear Mr. Steffmann

    I was looking for a circus font and found one on a website that said it was free for commercial use. Obviously I wanted to make sure this was correct and came to the conclusion that you only offer them free for personal use. So, my question is: What are the costs of commercial use for your font: “ cirucs ornate.“



  12. Ian Jacobs sagt:


    My name is Ian Jacobs and I am an Associate Producer for a television show that airs on the Travel Channel. I was wondering if we could discuss the possibility of incorporating your Benjamin Franklin font into an upcoming episode. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have and thank you for your time.

  13. Hania Sánchez sagt:


    Searching for permission to use the font „Prisma“ in a short film. This will be views in film festivals and later live on the internet.

    We do not have plans of selling the film, just to exhibit it.

    Thank you!

  14. Sehr geehrter Herr Steffmann,
    ich möchte gern für die Bookconvention 2019 in Mainz ein Logo und die Einladung mit Gutenberg Textura erstellen. Wir sind private Buchliebhaber und organisieren auf privater Ebene einmal im Jahr ein Treffen zum Büchertauschen an dem Leser aller Länder nach Anmeldung teilnehmen können. Im Jahr 2019 sind wir in D dran und das Treffen findet im April für 3 Tage in Mainz statt. Dies ist eine reine private Veranstaltung ohne Zugewinnabsicht. Alles wird in Freiwilligenleistung erbracht.

    Daher bitte ich Sie freundlich Ihre Schrift verwenden zu dürfen. Das Logo wird für vermutlich für ca 1 Jahr verwendet werden und auf der Homepage des Treffens zu sehen sein. Ihren Namen werde ich selbstverständlich benennen.
    Ich bitte freundlich um Antwort, da ich mich langsam an die Gestaltung des Logos machen muss.

    Zur Info gebe ich ihnen die Internetseite des letzten Treffens in Oslo https://bcoslo.wordpress.com/.
    Wir gehören zu http://www.bookcrossing.com/forum/14
    das ist das D Forum. In die Welt gesetzt haben die Idee des Bücher tauschens und freilassens 3 Amerikaner und seither findet es in vielen Ländern immer mehr Nachahmer alles privat, durch Spenden oder Aufkleber wird die bookcrossingseite finanziert.
    Ich bitte sie nochmals herzlich um die Erlaubnis ihre Schrift verwenden zu dürfen und sende Ihnen dann auch gern Belegexemplare.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    P. Hesse-Kraus

    P.S. Unsere Webseite zur Veranstaltung ist noch im Aufbau

  15. David sagt:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Steffman,

    Ich bin ein Autor in Großbritannien, der bereit ist, meinen ersten Roman zu formatieren, und ich dachte daran, deine „Prince Valiant“ Schrift für den ersten Brief jedes Kapitels zu verwenden.

    Ich frage mich, ob Sie mir die Erlaubnis geben würden, und eine Kopie der Lizenzierung für die Schriftart. Ich kann auch die gleiche Formatierung für alle Fortsetzungen verwenden.

    Ich freue mich darauf, bald von Ihnen zu hören, und danke im Voraus.

  16. Hannah Meagher sagt:

    Sehr Herr Steffman,

    My name is Hannah – I am working on a new TV documentary show. We would like to use one of your fonts to create a fake newspaper heading.
    We would like to offer you payment for our usage.
    Could you please email me today?
    Thanks very much!


  17. Jess A. sagt:

    Dear Mr. Steffmann,

    I have stumbled upon two of your fonts, Quentin Caps and Prisma, and I humbly request to use them for commercial use. If you could please direct me on how to acquire the licenses, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Warm Regards,


  18. Elin sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steffmann,

    Thank you for your typographic work!

    I’m working as a designer at a small design studio in Sweden. We would love to use your font „Titania“ in one of our projects where we create printed t-shirts. We have found it saying it is free for both commercial and private use. But we want to make sure we have your permission to use it? Please do tell us how to pay for the license if we can’t use it for free.

    Thank you,

  19. Edgar Caballero Saldivar sagt:

    Good afternoon Mr. Dieter Steffman, I would like to be able to contact you to discuss a commercial use I want to make about your Old London typography.
    Pd: I do not speak English.

  20. Benjamin Caubet sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steffmann,

    I have found on dafont website the „Prisma“ font. I woulb be interested in using this typo for the name of a craft beer festival. The name (using your font) will be added on glasses which are offered to people participating to the festival.
    The website dafont is mentioning that the typo is 100% free.
    Could you confirm that I can use for free the „Prisma“ font for this purpose? If not what would be the conditions to use such typo?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply,

    Best Regards,


  21. Antonio Puertas Castaños sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steffmann
    I’m writing you from Spain to know if there is a way to use one of your fonts for commercial purposses. I would like to use Cardinal Font in some pages of an self-published comic book. Firsly, it will be distributed on the internet. If you could please direct me on how to acquire the license, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Best Regards
    Antonio Puertas

  22. Anke Hufschmidt sagt:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Steffmann,

    für die Überarbeitung unserer Ausstellung in der Lohmühle zum Thema Hauberg würden wir gern ein, zwei Fotos der Haubergswirtschaft Fellinghausen verwenden. Wäre das möglich – und zu welchen Konditionen?

    Freundliche Grüße
    Anke Hufschmidt

  23. Hello,

    I work for Midwest Lettering in Marion, Ohio. We are in the process of revitalizing our design catalog and have been in search of fresh eye-catching fonts to use for our customizable “Plug-In” styled designs.

    We produce wholesale heat-applied transfers for our customers who apply them to apparel for retail. To note, these are not mass-produced runs, but typically in the 12-72 quantity range to be used for schools, sports teams, events and small businesses.

    We would love to be able to use two your fonts in our catalog.
    English Towne & Cardinal

    Let us know what conditions and/or licensing you require if you agree to our request.

    Thank you,
    Midwest Lettering

  24. Mike P sagt:

    Hello all the way from Canada !!
    I really like your font titled – „Erbar Initialen“ I See that your allowed to use it personally or publicly but not to alter it. I am creating a logo with the letters M, P. I want to connect them and thats all i will be doing to „alter“ It. I was just writing this to ask permission if i can alter the M & P Into one combined image and use it for a logo ?
    Thank, Mike

  25. Julie sagt:

    Please let me know a quote for using Blackwood Castle font commercially.
    Thank you!

  26. Oliver sagt:

    Can I use AnglicanText commercially?

  27. Ludmila MD sagt:

    Dear Mr. Steffman,

    I hope you’re well.

    I’m interested in using your Coaster Black font commercially. Products include books, packaging, cards, and product information sheets.

    Could you please let me know if I can use this font or, alternatively, how I would go about getting a license for its use?



  28. Aaron Dombey sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steffman,

    My name is Aaron and I work in a music company based in New York City. I recently put together artwork for one of our bands and it features your „Cloister Black“ font. I know that on dafont.com it says that it is for private use only but I was hoping that it would be okay to utilize it for commercial use as well.

    Please let me know what would be the best way to do this.

    All the best,

    Aaron Dombey

  29. Norbert Seyer sagt:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Steffmann,

    für einen nichtkommerziellen Artikel über den Sauerländer Bildhauer Josef Dorls würde ich gern zwei Ihrer Fotos von den Kreuzwegstationen auf dem Wilzenberg verwenden, die ich sehr gelungen finde. Selbstverständlich werde ich Sie auch als Quelle angeben.
    Es wäre schön, wenn Sie mir Ihr Einverständnis per Email zukommen lassen würden.
    Vielen Dank
    Norbert Seyer

  30. Greetings, mr. Steffmann.

    I’m interested in using your Yonkers font (http://www.1001fonts.com/yonkers-font.html) in a small scale commercial game project.

    I know the license says that the font is free for commercial use, but also any modification is forbidden by the license. This might be a problematic for us in case we need to add some accented letter or special characters which are not included by default.

    I would be interested in licensing the font with a license which allows:

    – Commercial use
    – Modification of the font

    You can reach me through the included email address or the email address on our game studio website:


    Google translation:

    Hallo Herr. Steffmann.

    Ich bin daran interessiert, Ihre Yonkers-Schriftart (http://www.1001fonts.com/yonkers-font.html) in einem kleinen kommerziellen Spielprojekt zu verwenden.

    Ich weiß, dass die Lizenz besagt, dass die Schriftart für den kommerziellen Gebrauch frei ist, aber auch jede Änderung ist durch die Lizenz verboten. Dies könnte für uns ein Problem darstellen, falls wir Buchstaben mit Akzent oder Sonderzeichen hinzufügen müssen, die nicht standardmäßig enthalten sind.

    Ich wäre daran interessiert, die Schriftart mit einer Lizenz zu lizenzieren, die erlaubt:

    – Kommerzielle Benutzung
    – Änderung der Schriftart

    Sie erreichen mich über die beiliegende E-Mail-Adresse oder die E-Mail-Adresse auf unserer Game-Studio-Website:


  31. Jeff Velasco sagt:

    Hi Mr. Steffmann,

    We are a starting Tshirt designers company and would like to purchase the license to use your OLD LONDON font. Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  32. Aly Rodgers sagt:

    Dear Mr Steffmann,

    I am a young designer working on my first independent projects in San Francisco, California, USA. One of these projects is the graphic design for a new small coffee shop here. We are looking at using your Honey Script font if possible for commercial use, namely in the logo and some of the branding for the shop. I found the logo and the licensing information through 1001 Fonts and would like to ask your permission to use it in this application. If this is ok, may I adapt it to fit into a certain shape, and make it italicized? Thank you for your consideration!

    Aly Rodgers

  33. Lucy Berry sagt:

    Sehr geehrter Herr Steffmann,

    Wir würden gerne Ihre Schriftart ‚Saddlebag‘ in einem unserer Spiele verwenden. 1001Fonts sagt, dass es für den kommerziellen Gebrauch frei ist, aber unser Designer möchte es leicht modifizieren. Würdest du die Erlaubnis geben können, dass es modifiziert wird? Ich kann Ihnen die Änderung zur Genehmigung schicken? Vielen Dank im Voraus, ich freue mich von Ihnen zu hören.

    Herzliche Grüße,


  34. Isao Kogure sagt:

    I would like to request use of your ’nougat-extrablack‘ font for commercial use.

    Can you please let me know if you would allow this?

    Thank you for your time!
    Isao Kogure

  35. Hi, I would like to use your Augusta typography for a gin I want to make. Would it be possible?

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