Dieter Steffmann

Passfoto von Dieter Steffmann, Breite 150 Pixel

Passfoto von Dieter Steffmann, Breite 150 Pixel

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4 Antworten auf Dieter Steffmann

  1. Laschet Melanie sagt:

    Guten Tag Herr Steffman, könnte ich Ihre Schrift „Money Script“ zur Erstellung meines Logos verwenden?
    Ich danke Ihnen für eure Antwort.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen
    M. Laschet

  2. Cathy Perow sagt:

    Hello Mr. Steffman,
    My name is Cathy Perow, and I am the Sr. Vice President of Operations, for the Creative Services group at FOX Sports, in Los Angeles, CA. We are interested in using the Quentin Caps Font for our lower third names within our broadcast of Super Bowl LIV this upcoming Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020.
    Please let us know how the rights fees would work within this scenario.
    All the best,
    Cathy Perow

  3. Tracy sagt:

    Hi Mr.Staffman,

    My name is Tracy, I come from Vietnam. I purchased a package of these fonts to use for printing on T-shirts for sale & commercial use. On the download page, it said they were free for commercial use. But on your personal page, it said not for professional use, and here you say for private use only. So can you please confirm if the fonts I have already purchased through are indeed available to be used commercially? If they are not free for that use, how would one go about getting a license?
    I truly appreciate your time and consideration of my request and the clarification of using the fonts that I have purchased.

    Best Regards,

  4. James Walter sagt:

    Can I use your font „Titania“ for all commercial purposes?

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